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John and Wyn Stockman are off to Noosa. Lucky them, when we freeze in our sub-zero winter mornings. We were lucky enough to catch a photo of them at a get-together before they left.

New Courses?

The Bathurst U3A have a facilitator who is very interested in running a Calligraphy course. For the uninitiated, Calligraphy is the art of decorative handwriting — creating beautiful letters by hand, and arranging them exquisitely.

Please express your interest in learning, or expanding your skills on, calligraphy by completing the blog, or contacting a committee member.

Similarly, The Bathurst U3A has been approached by a potential facilitator to run a ‘My Chi Healing Art Class‘.

“Relax, create, paint with guided imagery and music.” “A holistic art approach, combining symbolism, astrology, designing and painting”

To express your interest in My Chi Healing Art, complete a blog entry, or contact a committee member.


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