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  1. Beth Hall says:

    Can you please drop off some enrolment forms, etc at the Bathurst Library as we are having enquiries…. Many thanks, Beth

  2. Greg Vinall says:

    Will do! Thanks for informing us.

  3. Jan Aldwinckle says:

    Hi When will the 2018 calendar of courses be available?

  4. Greg Vinall says:

    The 2018 list of courses will be available early-ish next year. This year, the list of courses, and calendar were published in our first newsletter on 12 January.

  5. Judie Pedersen says:

    When and where is Enrolment Day for 2018? And the calendar of important dates for 2018 made available?

  6. Greg Vinall says:

    See reply to previous question.

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