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Photos from the Facilitators Thank-you Morning Tea..

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The Bathurst U3A generously provided a morning tea to thank the hard-working facilitators for their fantastic volunteering. You can see the photos here.

The Term 3 newsletter was posted out on July 9, and emailed out on July 4. Members will receive their newsletter via the method that they chose. For those who cannot wait, the newsletter is available here, Course enrolment and new memberships can be completed online.

Please note that contrary to the Course Information Sheet, Music Appreciation is not being offered in Terms 3 and 4. The Bathurst Conservatorium does not have the funding to enable the course to continue. We thank the Bathurst Conservatorium for their support of the Bathurst U3A over many years.

You may be interested in a new course being run in Term 3. It is historical in nature, being run by Carla Archer on Tuesdays between 10 and 11. The description provided for the course is:

“A two term look at the Roman Empire in the first centuries of AD with particular emphasis on Britain’s place in the empire.  The decline and fall of the empire and abandonment of Britain by Rome after 410 AD and King Arthur king of myth? Arthur what are the sources? Ancient History or? Medieval Romance?”

The following courses will not be running in Term 3: Drama, First Aid and Health for Seniors, and French.

The time for Tuesday’s Table Tennis in Term 3 is changing to 1:00 to 3:30pm.

Trivia: Our president, Lindsay Cox, works as an Uber driver in Bathurst. He owns an electric vehicle and uses Uber to ‘spread the message’.

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