Change of club’s constitution

Notice of Special General Meeting

The following is a covering letter from the President, Lindsay Cox that was sent to members on the 6th April, 2018:

Dear Member,

A comprehensive review of the Bathurst U3A constitution was considered necessary so as to ensure it reflected not only current legal requirements but also those of today’s U3A. It has also been formulated to include, as far as practicable, those issues unique to our U3A. In form it generally follows that of the model constitution recommended by the Department of Fair Trading.

Your committee has developed a draft it believes fulfils all current needs and now seeks the support of the membership to adopt it. To do so, however, requires the membership support the subject. Given the gravity of the undertaking it is necessary, under the present constitution, for the membership at a Special General Meeting (with a quorum of at least fifteen members) to pass the resolution for change by a majority of ‘three fourths’.

It is proposed to seek your support to adopt the draft constitution at a Special General Meeting to be held at the Senior Citizens Centre on 2 May, 2018 at 10am. A formal notice to that effect is attached.

Those receiving this notification by email will find the notice together with the current constitution, the proposed constitution, plus an explanatory memorandum, attached.

Those of you who have elected to have their newsletters by mail will find in their letter only this letter and the form of notice. The bulk of the two constitutions plus explanatory memoranda, makes it impractical to forward them by mail. However, should you wish to be supplied with copies of the documents you are asked to write to or telephone me or any committee member for arrangements to be made.

I look forward to this important part of our continued development being achieved.

For and on behalf of
Lindsay Cox

Irene Hancock
Date: 1/4/2018

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