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27 Nov 2018:The Bonsai Buddies had a pleasant last day for 2018 at the Lithgow Community Nursery, and the Maple Springs Nursery and Gardens at Little Hartley. Photos courtesy of Greg Vinall.

3rd Term, 2018: The Bonsai Buddies were instructed on how to make their own pots, by Joy Adams. Photos courtesy of Dianna Baillie.

12 Dec 2017: The Bonsai Buddies class spent a pleasant day at Mayfield Gardens. Photos courtesy of Bob Henry.

September 2017: A pleasant day was had by the members of Dianna Baillie's Bonsai Buddies. Photos courtesy of Bob Henry.

June 2017: John and Wyn were long time members of the Bathurst U3A. Among other things, John was the facilitator for Chess.

Winter, 2016: an open class conducted during winter to replace normal classes. Thanks to Bunnings for running this course. Photos courtesy of Greg Vinall.

Jan 2017: Photos from the enrolment day in 2017

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February 2016: Pre-term get-together of Bathurst U3A members, at the George Hotel.

August 2015: Photos from the launch of the book created by the Getting it Down class.

2010-4: Photos of some our tutors/facilitators.

December 2013: The Bathurst U3A Christmas Party.

November 2013: Photos from the Tai Chi class at D2F.

1st Term, 2013: From the Bathurst History 1850-1830 class

March 2011: Photos of the Revitalise class at D2F.

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