Member’s Login

Currently there is a database for the committee, so that they can access the data needed for carrying out the duties that our their responsibility. This was developed in 2017.

In development is an improvement to the database, to enable all members of the Bathurst U3A to login. This will enable members to easily rejoin for the year, to join or leave classes, find out information about what the Bathurst U3A has about them, download useful forms, change their contact and other details, etc. It will not enable members to see information about other members.

The improved database will give facilitators a one-stop shop, enabling them to enter or change details about their course, submit courses for committee approval, download useful forms, print out their class rolls and contact details, etc.

The improved database should be available for access before the end of 2021. Until then, this is a page to let you know what is happening.

For questions or suggestions, please email the database administrator.

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