The courses for term 1 of 2021 can be viewed by downloading the:

There are a few modifications to the course information which was recently distributed:
– Carla Archer’s Invisible Roma is on Tuesday from 2-3pm
– Jennifer Edmonson’s Art Attack has added an extra class – on Wednesdays 1-4pm at the Bridge Club
– Judith Henderson’s Mah Jong is on Monday 10am-1pm at the Girl Guides Hall.

The 2021 Calendar is also available for download.

The Monday Afternoon Show

For various reasons the Monday Morning Show has changed its name and time and its venue in 2021, Term 1.



The talks will typically last for about 45-50 minutes with a questions period afterwards. There is no need to enrol for the Monday Show, and the general public are also welcome.  The talks are as follows

February 1    “What do you know about Lifeline?”  Speaker: Stephanie Robertson, CEO Lifeline, Central West.

She will describe the work they do supporting the national 13 11 14 crisis line, helping resilient communities support each other through tough times. She will also discuss the history, present and  future work,  particularly around mental health and well being and suicide prevention.

Feb 8       “BMEC Programming”.  Speaker: Stephen Champion, General Manager, Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre. 

 The talk will describe the impact of Covid19  on  theatre programming  and general trends for regional theatres like BMEC.                       

Feb 15        ‘The Pillars of Bathurst”.   Speaker: Janet Bingham. Manager, Strategic Planning, Bathurst Regional Council

        The Pillars is a cultural heritage garden at Macquarie Park. They commemorate past Bathurstians who have added something special to the story of the Bathurst Region and in doing so        ideally offer inspiration to living and future Bathurstians.

Feb 22        “Mindfulness”. Speaker: Lucinda Cummings

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focussing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly achieving and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

March 1    “The Sikh community in Central West NSW. ”    Speaker: Arsh Nat

This will be an introduction to the Sikh religion. Each Sikh temple provides a Langar which is a kitchen which provides meals for anyone who needs one. He will also describe significant celebrations and special days.

March 8    “Museums  Bathurst”.  Speaker: Janelle Middleton,   Manager Museums, Bathurst Regional Council

Bathurst is becoming recognised as a city with a significant number and variety of museums. This talk will give information and some details about the many Bathurst museums operated by Bathurst Regional Council now open to locals and tourists .

March 15    “Drug and alcohol problems in the Central West”  Speaker:  Tracy Allen

This talk will look at the problems of drugs and alcohol use in our local community and will explore some of the ways  we are trying to address  these issues.  We can also answer questions about specific drugs, safe use of alcohol and how to help someone you are concerned about

March 22    Yet to be finalised

Changes to rooms used at Panthers

The courses at Panthers will now be held in the following rooms:
[Note that the committee has had to move very quickly in arranging these rooms, and apologise to the course’s facilitators for not having had the time to contact you directly previously.]

ChessFriday                 1:30 -3:00Sportsman’s
Conversational SpanishWednesday. 10:00 – 11Piper Rm
Cryptic CrosswordsMonday .2:00- 3:30Piper  Rm
Cryptic CrosswordsThursday 2:00-3:30Piper Rm
Current AffairsMonday         10:15 –11:45Macquarie Rm.
Economic Adaptation Post PandemicMonday 2:30 -3:30Bridal Rm
First Aid & Health for SeniorsThursday 10:30-12:00Piper Rm
Just WriteWednesday.10:00 –12:00Bridal Rm.
Memorable MoviesFriday 1:45pm – 4:00 Macquarie Rm
Metaphysics & MysteriesFriday 10:15 – 11:45Macquarie Rm.
Monday Afternoon ShowMonday 1:00-2:00Macquarie  Rm.
PhilosophyWednesday. 1:00-2:30Macquarie  Rm.
Spanish Speaking Club Wednesday. 11:00 –12:00Piper Rm.
Stitch ‘n ChatFriday10:00 – 12:00 Piper Rm.
Writing your Own StoryFriday11:00 -1:00Bridal Rm.

Note that with class numbers still being determined, the above rooms may need to change. Panthers have been very kind in accommodating the many classes that we run at the club.

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