The Membership Form, for new members. [Note, that you only need to join once per calendar year.] Or, you can join online. A new option, no newsletter, has been added to the online Membership Application Form on how you receive your newsletter. The options were by email or post. The new option has been added because, for example, a couple who are both members and want to receive and pay for one newsletter. One of the couple would choose post and the other, no newsletter, thus only having to pay $10.00 postage per household.

The Course Enrolment Form, for enrolling in new classes. Or you can enrol or withdraw from a class online.

Apart from submitting them at the Neighbourhood Centre, completed Membership and Enrolments Forms may also be scanned and emailed to the Enrolment Officer.

The Accident Report Form.

Temporary Membership Form, for facilitators to record temporary members. [Note that this form was previously called the Honorary Membership Form.]

A generic attendance sheet, for facilitators to record attendances at their classes. There are no names or dates on this form.

The Bathurst U3A Logo can be downloaded here.

A nomination form may be used for nominating for a position at the AGM.

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