This page contains information for our Facilitators. There will be a meeting of facilitators at Panthers at 2pm on Tuesday 18 January 2022.

  • COVD-19 safety

On Monday 18 October, Bathurst U3A began to emerge from a long lockdown. Venues will begin to open, but some classes will continue to be delivered virtually, and some groups have decided to suspend classes because of the difficulty of speaking and hearing through masks. You still need to wear a mask to all face-to-face classes, and until 1 December facilitators must provide evidence of having received two anti-COVID-19 injection, or proof of one injection and of an appointment for a second injection, to be permitted to enter any venue. There should be no more than twenty people attending any one class. As a facilitator you have the responsibility of checking for proof of vaccination. However, people with proof of medical exemptions from the vaccinations should also be admitted. Some venues may impose additional requirements for entry. That is their right. The situation is very fluid at present, so if you have any doubts about venues, please contact the venue. As a facilitator you have the responsibility of enforcing social distancing in your class and maintaining an accurate roll.

Some changes to courses are included on the Courses page.

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