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TO: The Enrolment Officer, Bathurst U3A Incorporated

    I hereby apply to enrol in the course(s) below.I hereby notify that I am withdrawing from the course(s) below.

    In order of preference:

    I am a financial member of the Bathurst U3A.

    Please note:
    1. Most courses run for four terms during the calendar year.
    2. Participants are asked to notify their tutor and the enrolment officer if they withdraw from a course during the year.
    3. Normally, applicants can assume acceptance. If there are difficulties you will be contacted by the Enrolment Officer.
    4. In the case of late applications (less than seven days before term commencement) you should contact the Enrolment Officer for confirmation of acceptance.
    5. The Bathurst U3A privacy statement can be viewed online at

    I acknowledge that I have read and understand these five conditions.

    Note that you cannot 'send' unless you have acknowledged the conditions and you are financial. You may be asked to verify that you are not a robot.

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