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The photo gallery is being redeveloped. In the meantime, here is a great photo from one of our classes taken by Bill Dealey.

Peter Hodgson, Dawn Rosengreen, Jenny Short, Pixie Lincoln, Terry Fatsaes, Jan Shepherd, Kerry Maloney, Maureen Blake and Geoff Bateson

The Bonsai Buddies had a pleasant last day for 2018 at the Lithgow Community Nursery, and the Maple Springs Nursery and Gardens at Little Hartley. See the photos.

Here are some wonderful photos taken by Bob Henry at Dianna Baillie’s Bonsai Class’ excursion to Mayfield Gardens.

Other photos of our U3A classes for you to enjoy while we work on re-introducing the a more professional-looking gallery to the website…

The Tai Chi Class

Joy Adams with the pottery that she instructed the Bonsai Buddies Class on how to make.

Irene Jones, Robyn Fish, and the potter Joy Adams, with their pots they made at Dianna’s U3A Bonsai class.

Anne Coomans with her pot she made at Dianna’s Bonsai class.

Peter Winter at enrolment day 2018

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